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Monday, January 10, 2011

Good Chow at Johnny Chow

Our dear friend Jeff is in town from SG and as usual, we wouldn't want to pass up the chance to bond with him while he is in Manila. Truth to be told, since Jeff moved to Singapore almost 5 years ago, we (Edwin, Portia, I and Jason) have not been going out that much. So this get-together was sort of a reunion too (and a celebration of friendship - chos!)

With little time to plan for an out of town, I suggested we go to Resorts World instead. But before we hit the gambling arena, we all agreed to have dinner first. We wanted to dine quickly and not wait for a table and the nearest we came upon was Johnny Chow.

The food at Johnny Chow is a mix of Malaysian, Singaporean, Chinese and Korean. A bit complicated but the self-proclaimed by-line 'Amazing Asian Cuisine' denotes the confidence that their food will not fail anyone's taste buds. Let's see.

I had an inkling this restaurant is part of the Mr. Kurusawa and Sumo Sam restaurants group. The concept, decor and get-up of the staff are just too similar.

First thing I noticed in the resto are the crew's colored wigs. Edwin said they looked like the Amazonistas from Planet X.X.X in Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah and I agree. Kulang nalang armas!

The restaurant was tastefully decorated. They put up portraits of Mona Lisa wearing a cheongsam along with her signature smile. The East Meets West mood was set perfectly by blue wall panels, lighting, Asian decors and books.

I also like their chairs. They are full of character - literally.

As for the food, the menu card was short and simple. There are only a number of selections per dish category so deciding what to eat was not at all difficult.

We started with Sweet Corn and Crabstick soup. The order-taker told us the order is good for 3 pax only but I seldom believe waiters when they tell me about portioning (when they say it's good for 1, it's actually for 2) so we just ordered one bowl. True enough all six of us was able to enjoy 1 serving.

1 order = 6 small bowls like this

Edwin wants to have salad so we tried Crispy Prawn and Scallop. The serving has a generous portion of prawns, and the veggies are crisp and fresh.

Before we decided to try Johnny Chow, we were waitlisted at Tao Yuan which boasts of the best Hainanese Chicken in the universe town. I have tried it and it was unforgettable (yeah, so unforgettable that I forgot to blog about it haha). However, the waiting time to get a table that Friday night was already ridiculous according to our stomachs.

Anyway, Johnny Chow also offers Hainanese Chicken. I must say it's a bit dry and not as tender as that of Tao Yuan, nevertheless, it still did not disappoint us. 

condiments for the Hainanese Chicken - it's unlimited, just ask the server for more

For our beefy fix, we tried Mandarin Orange Beef. Personally, I didn't like this dish. It's a little too sour and the beef strips were overcooked.

Mandarin Orange Beef
On the otherhand, the Salt and Pepper Spareribs delivered as expected. There is a good proportion of meat and fat and the pork was not too oily.  I just wish they put more pepper before frying.

Salt and Pepper Spareribs

Lastly, we had the Crispy Lapu-Lapu in Cilantro and Pomelo. I may be just ignorant or my taste buds malfunctioned that night, but I hardly noticed the cilantro in this dish. But in fairness, the fish was crispy and huge enough to be shared by at least 3 people.

Crispy Lapu-Lapu in Cilantro and Pomelo

I didn't get to take a photo of the megalicious Yang Chow Fried Rice and the very unique Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea.  But that's okay, I bet everyone knows how a fried rice and ice tea look like. Hehehe. With or without photos, they are highly recommended and worth a try.

Thanks Jeff for the yummy dinner. We enjoyed your company more than the food. :-)

(We hit the casino after dinner - and that's another story.)


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