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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Hello 2011!

Before the countdown to close 2010 began, we went to meet our dear friends Lily and Raymand with their kids for an afternoon tea at the Manila Peninsula. Nothing beats seeing great friends before bidding adieu the year that was. Lily and Raymand are two significant people we have been blessed with - friends we can truly attest who stayed with us in good and bad times. For one, Raymand was my Dad's blood donor during the critical time of his sickness and I will be forever grateful for that invaluable gift he willingly offered.

Anyway, when we got to The Pen, they have started dressing up the lobby for their New Year's Eve countdown dinner. We checked the price and it was a whopping Php6700 per head. That's already a week's worth of groceries for some families.

Well, perhaps a huge slice of that price will go to decorations. Look at how fabulous they set up the lobby

Later in the evening, we said goodbye to the previous year literally with a colorful bang. The government's campaign against the use of firecrackers to welcome the new year worked as The Hubby was hesitant to buy even some fireworks. In the end, he ended up doing last minute shopping (at 9pm) to continue with our annual tradition of 'lighting up' New Year's Eve.

But despite Daddy's purchase of fireworks, the kids and I opted to stay indoors as the rest of the country welcomed the new year. We just watched the show from our room's front window as the smoke might be too much for Enoe (his allergies) and me (asthma). For Eone, well, she just was a bit scared of the BOOM! that comes with the spectacular display. The kids enjoyed the night nonetheless.

Enoe and Lola

2010 was a great year for me particularly because of Enoe's birth. Financially, it was a 'so-so' year but we had enough to get us by (plus a little occassional luxury here and there). We were able to hold a baptismal party for our son and our daughter had her fourth birthday celebration too. We have successfully provided for our children's needs all year round and even purchased some of our 'wants'. It was indeed a very blessed year for our family and we thank God for the abundance.             

2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. It's Jason and I's year and of course, both of us are hopeful it will be a productive, meaningful and prosperous one.


Happy New Year!


Unknown said...

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Thank you so much!!!

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