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Monday, January 24, 2011

Hidden Treasures

Yesterday was one of those weekends when I tried to sort out papers (bills, notes, bank statements etc) and uncluttered our room. Noticed how I used the word TRIED? Haha!

It's seldom that I get to finish everything or at least get half of the pile done. See, in the process of sorting, I often stumble upon some "great finds".

Take for instance this small box I have kept in one corner of our book shelf. I opened it with the aim of throwing away the contents as I knew they were old bills of year two-thousand-something. But look at the other interesting stuff I found...

Love letters I wrote for Jason when we were in college... made me wonder where I kept all his letters to me.

A letter from my cousin and inaanak, Pia, sent almost 9 years ago. She was 7 when she wrote me this letter; now she is 16 and ready to enter college. I must add it makes me proud that my dear god daughter wants to be an Industrial Engineer too just like me.

Some old ID pictures we weren't able to use up.

And last but not the least: old photos of myself and my 'ex-boyfriend' during one of those 'Induction Balls' in college. Weee! That was 16 pounds, err, years ago!

If only I wasn’t busy with the kids, I’d probably dig up old stuff from my cabinet. I want to find more “treasures”!


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