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Friday, January 07, 2011

Little Edward Cullen

I once posted in Facebook how my son had to stay under a gazebo when we went to the beach and one friend commented, "Like a vampire?".

Well, yes and no. Yes, like a vampire he can't be exposed and no, his skin doesn't glitter like diamonds but gets red itchy patches instead. His pediatric derma calls it skin asthma and prohibits the baby to go out during the day. Major no-no are the sun, heat and foods identified as his allergens.

my charming boy even with rashes

After months of observation, we've isolated the foods that trigger his skin to erupt and those are eggs and banana. Actually, egg whites are totally not good for children under 12 months as per the pedia's advice. We also follow a strict regimen of proper bathing and moisturizing with creams and ointments with prohibitive price tags. My budget for personal vanity now goes to my son's skin care. But God is good, because I have a mom-in-law who sponsors my skin care products from abroad *wink, wink. :-)

Still, the sun and heat are major concerns. The sun, oh the sun! How can my boy play outdoors and swim at the beach if he turns red upon the sun's touch? I can't imagine my Enoe being just a water boy instead of a quarterback; to complete home economics projects instead of Boy Scouts training.

On another development, since Enoe's teeth came out he has been sooo much into biting. It would have been okay if he's been nibbling on his teether but heck, he wants people and his favorite is me!

It sounds ridiculous but I think my fascination for Edward Cullen (and the Twilight saga) when I was conceiving Enoe may have developed the vampire traits into him. Unable to bear the sun and a knack for biting is not a good combination, isn't?

"It's like you're my own personal brand of heroin." - Edward's mushy line to Bella in Twilight.

If Edward has a personal brand of drug,...well, I've got my very own brand of Edward. Mas bongga ako!


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