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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Mommy Plays Doh

Just when we thought the holiday season is over, here comes more presents wrapped in lovely red paper.

Eone has been begging bugging me to buy her a Play Doh Cake Making Station since September last year after she saw it on Nick channel. However, she was allergic to clay since she was around one year and develops rashes on her cheeks after playing with Play Doh. Thus, we've avoided getting her the toy and whenever someone gives her a new set, I'd sneak them up and hide them away.

On Christmas Day, my good friend Armie came by and gave Eone a clay set. Before I knew it, she and Kyla have started playing with it, and although I was worried I just let them have a grand time making shapes I couldn't even decipher. Thankfully, there were no red marks anywhere Eone's skin and that's when I knew she had outgrown her allergies.

After that day, I have ceased to worry about what's inside Eone's presents (well, almost. She got make up sets and nail polish, believe it or not!).

Anyway, when she opened her gift from Ninong Edwin last night, it's like she received a manna from heaven.

But wait! Before opening, I read to her aloud (instructed by Ninong) the kilometric greeting with matching words of wisdom on the gift card.

It was a pleasure watching her open the gift and at how excited she was to start 'molding'.

Believe me, it's hard NOT to get tempted by the dough. And once you touch it, there's no turning back. I only wanted to guide and assist the little girl in making some cakes but I ended up hoarding all the molds. Sorry Eone. Next time, play with Aimee or Zhantel. Keep mommy out!

Look at our finished products...

I'd shamelessly admit I had more fun than my daughter and if only Enoe wasn't crying already wanting to be cuddled, I would have done a 3-layer cake, a dozen more cupcakes, muffins, and donuts.

Thanks Ninong Edwin! Luv you lots!


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