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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowy Gingerbread House

I'm proud to present our new creative project... Snowy Gingerbread House!

The kit was a gift from my friend Christy who went to Manila on vacation last week. Christy and I met at a TQM workshop when both of us were still working at IHG. She's half Pinay but loves the Philippines so much she said she wants to live here despite being born in the US and raised (resides) in Guam. Anyhoo, after that workshop, we met a couple of times more and I even stood as godmother when she received her Sacrament of Confirmation.

Last week, we met for dinner so I can see her son for the first time and she could see the kids too (she's seen Eone before when they attended Eone's first birthday party).

So the Gingerbread kit has been sitting at a dark corner of our house for days since it was given to Eone. Everyday she would ask me when we can start building the house and I'd come up with a lame excuse of not having the icing yet.

Anyway, I finally managed to make the icing magically appear and we made the Gingerbread House last night.

It comes with a pre-baked house, icing mix, colorful candies to decorate and a decorating guide (which we didn't follow hence the outcome of our house).

The instructiom guide said put together the house using icing as adhesive agent and allow to dry for 3 hours before decorating. Three hours is too long for the little girl to keep her hands off our little project so I decided to 'build' our house 'off-site; brought the kit to the office and assembled it while waiting for Jason to finish work.

Imagine the delight of my darling Eone when she saw the house ready for her little fingers. First things first, she had to mix the icing powder with water. We don't own a hand mixer so it was a very tedious task.

But Eone wasn't complaining...

Okay, the house wasn't supposed to be all white. But we messed up with the icing and couldn't get it into a paste-like consistency. Since we have a runny icing, we decided to 'paint' it on the entire house.  We just pretended the house is covered with snow.

After putting on the icing, it wasn't that all difficult to put the candy decors on. Eone and I had one side of the roof each to get creative on. It was challenging using the icing bag, especially for me who had zero experience in baking.

Eone's side of the roof

Mommy's roof design

Doing arts and crafts together is a great venue for me and Eone to bond. She has a very creative mind while I struggle with making something out of what she's imagining. Needless to say we get along pretty well in the play department.

Thanks Christy for the lovely present!

I wonder what our next project will be. Any suggestions?


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