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Thursday, January 06, 2011

'To Do' List

10 Top Things I Want To Accomplish in 2011

1.  Take the kids to a holiday overseas, maybe on Eone's 5th birthday.

2.  Lose 20 pounds (comments and reactions are NOT welcome, hehe)

3.  Rearrange our bedroom. When it was just The Hubby and myself, I find our bedroom large enough to accommodate our personal computer, shelves of books and even our what-nots. I even added another corner cabinet for our undies and still had a lot of center space in case we want to lie on the floor. Fast forward to today with two kids who refuse to sleep in their own rooms, we are left with a small aisle between the bed and the bathroom door especially when the sofa bed have been spread out for Enoe.

4.  Simplify my closet. This means getting rid (either donate, sell or give away) of all the unused stuff that have accumulated over the years.

5.  Spend my birthday in Boracay (and this better be a gift from The Hubby).

6.  Reunite with at least 3 long lost friends. This shouldn't be too hard. Gotta use FB's magic!

7.  Double up my time deposit.  This is non-negotiable. I set a target savings each year for Eone (now plus Enoe), and I am disappointed at myself for failing to reach even half of my goal amount for 2010. It's time to make up.

8.  Start reading books again. With this I mean real books, not e-books and audio books. My addiction to internet somehow killed my passion for books and this year I am bent on rekindling my flame for reading. Any suggestions for good reads?

9.  Start a new business. What type and how - I still don't know.

10.  Organize at least 3 charity works. For me, the best way to enjoy our money is to spend some, keep some and share some.

I'll review this list by the end of the year and hopefully all 10 have been all crossed out :-) Otherwise,...hmm..what's the penalty?


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