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Monday, January 03, 2011

Two Weeks of Gluttony

I gained. Sure thing I did. And I am not talking about wisdom or experience. What do you expect? Two full weeks of non stop eating has got to take its toll somewhere. Too bad, that somewhere is my waistline!

We have been to a over a dozen eating spree: chinese restaurants, fast-food, lauriats, reunions, parties, cafes, hotels, etc. Someone mentioned food and out we went to eat.

Much as I would like to blog each and every dining escapade, I couldn't. I'd probably still burp upon seeing the pictures of the spread I have munched during the entire holiday season. All I can recall was that we had A LOT of chinese food in a span of 14 days.

These were from Jade Palace at Shaw Boulevard. We ordered the set menu for 6 pax and it was more than what 6 people can finish.

hot and sour soup - my next favorite after bird's nest

sizzling beef ribs (and pancit canton at the background)

sweet and sour pork

i forgot what they call this dish... it's tokwa with a lot of chuva. hehe

A few days after, we trooped to Greenhills for the best xiao long bao, where else but at Crystal Jade.

But what took our fancy was the Chicken soup. The chicken meat was so tender it almost melts in your mouth. And the soup - it tastes like it's been boiled to perfection. I am definitely going back for this dish.

this soup was sooo good I forgot Xiao Long Bao was the house specialty

Our last dinner out was at Emperor's Restaurant on New Year's Day. We were supposed to go back to Crystal Jade but we wanted to dine somewhere we haven't tried (perhaps to see if the chinese food taste any better *wink*).

We initally ordered Peking Duck but was advised they have ran out of stock. As if we must eat something with wings that night, we settled for fried pigeons instead. I tried hard to shut out of my mind our love birds at home while munching on the little wings but the bird was yummy (best served with a dash of lemon) it was easy to forget.

the pigeons after failing to deliver the mails...LOL!

Wasn't that a lot of food? That doesn't include the banoffee pie from Banapple, spicy squid at Mann Hann, crepes at French Baker, hainanese chicken at Orchard Road, afternoon buffet at Manila Pen, lechon from the parties we attended and the meals cooked at home. I shun the thought of the number of calories I have ingested from all these smorgasbord.

There's no evidence of my indulgence but the weighing scale and I am not going near any of them. I just know it's time to shed them off.

How? How how de carabao? How much would a lipo cost?


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