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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Death of a General

I don't like anyone from and connected to the former administration. I hate Gloria Arroyo so much that the mere mention of her name makes my blood boil. It's embarrassing to all women in this country that the most corrupt president of this republic is a woman, and a mother. Kung hindi na nahiya sa sarili nya, sana sa mga anak nalang.

The evil that lurked in Malacanang during her years was so widespread it got into the system of a lot of people around her. That probably included Ret. Gen. Angelo Reyes.

I visited Gen. Reyes' website this morning after hearing the news of his alleged suicide in the midst of the Php50 M 'send off' money controversy and was surprised by his achievements before he became associated with the Arroyos. Apart from being a bemedalled soldier, Reyes was a class valedictorian in high school, graduated as one of the top in his class at the Philippine Military Academy and was a scholar from Asian Institute of Management and Harvard University. Why was I surprised? Because I couldn't believe someone so intelligent and distinguished would allow himself (unknowingly perhaps) be trapped into a pool of mud that was Gloria's administration.

Many opinions have been formed surrounding his death - that he was guilty and couldn't face the music. Others believe it is already justice, one way or another. The craziest I've read today was everything was staged to appear he committed suicide. They hired a look-a-like, shot him, and the real Angelo Reyes flies off somewhere. Possible?

For me, I am saddened, frustrated and disappointed by this tragedy. There is pain in my heart for his family. No matter what people say about Angelo Reyes, he is still a husband, a father, a grandfather, a brother, an uncle, a friend. His family is grieving.

I am frustrated and disappointed by the depth and extent of corruption in the Philippines. I am frustrated that even the very people who swore to serve and protect us are those who betray us. It is must be a sad day for the military too - soldiers die in battle with a circa 1920 firearms while their bosses, the people whom they pay with highest regards, buy several houses overseas out of the funds for new guns. (And when investigated, they suddenly suffer from amnesia or worse, shoot themselves in the chest).

Does Angelo Reyes' death mean justice has been served? No. In my opinion, it made justice more elusive.

I've read many opinions over the internet and couldn't help but be baffled by the human behavior. Yesterday, everyone was condemning the man. Today he is dead, and all over were praises and accolades of how good a man he was.

Death really changes a lot of things. For General Angelo Reyes, death has cleared him from the charges he was facing when he was still alive.


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