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Monday, February 28, 2011

Enoe's First Haircut

In the Philippines, a baby's first haircut is a significant event. We normally don't cut our baby's hair 'til they turn one year old for various beliefs (read: warnings) by our parents and grandparents. Most of the time, we follow just to avoid any arguments. Of course, if it's no longer practical we should just ignore the superstitious beliefs (pamahiin).

For example, regarding babies’ haircuts, it is believed that the first haircut should be done by someone intelligent so he/she doesn't nip your child's ears, if you want your child to be intelligent too. I guess the one who 'invented' this belief doesn't want to rely on genes and hard work in order to excel in school.  Anyway, with or without superstitions, I really wouldn't trust someone stupid holding a potentially harmful object near my child.

Technically, this was not Enoe's first haircut as I have cut his hair twice already and his yaya once. He was born with a lot of hair and by the time he turned 4 months, we had to do a trim to avoid the hair from irritating his eyes and his very sensitive skin. So if we are to be strict with the pamahiin, I have succeeded because I was the first to cut his hair and I am intelligent. Hahaha!

So let's just say this is his FIRST haircut done a professional from the barbershop - and an expensive one at that. We had to take him to a kiddie salon so we are assured of a problem-free and quick haircut. True enough, we went to the right place. The Kids' Hair Salon at Robinson's Galleria has race car chairs for kids to sit on during the actual haircut. They also play movies to keep the tots busy during the trim.

Enoe's session went well at first; sure he was squirming and tried to hold the razor. After a few minutes, and perhaps because it seemed like a Broadway production number underway with Mommy, Daddy, Lolo, Lola, Ate Eone, and yaya watching and taking pictures - he started to cry. Good thing there was a lady assistant who started blowing bubbles to amuse him again.

I was happy with Enoe's haircut. I like the efficiency and confidence of the barber that I decided to enroll for membership (for a small fee). I reckon we'd be taking him there for his regular trim and we might as well get points from the visits.


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