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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Food Galore: Soul Kitchen

The Hubby and I discovered this hole in the wall resto-bar by chance when we were looking for a place to dine after coming from a wake. It is said that whatever negative energy we got from funeral parlors, hospitals or cemetery need to be left behind somewhere. And so we strictly observe that after coming from the aforementioned places, we are not to go home straight and instead dine first at this resto called Soul Kitchen. I swear it's just coincidence and no pun intended. 

We instantly became regular patrons of Soul Kitchen. It's a convenient 5-minute drive from our house (could be shorter if not for the humps!) and they offer a short list of food which makes it easy for us to decide what to eat.

For this visit, I ordered their Valentine special which is still on promo 'til end of February. It's called simply the Date Plate consisting of Penne Puttanesca and Chicken Kebab. It's supposed to be good for two. But knowing how good the food is, The Hubby opted to throw in his favorite Chicken Breast dish. I'm sorry I forgot the name of the dish in the menu, but with or without the proper labels, we know it will be good just like before.

For starters, we were served nachos with this quaint yellow colored dip which I assumed to be a simple mixture of cheese spread and all purpose cream. I thought to myself, 'no tomatoes, or whatsoever else? looks like the dish is bland'.

But after the first bite, I noticed a spicy hint in the mixture and the flavor cuts deeper after the second bite. Masarap pala. I looked at the valentine flier again and realized the dish' name - Nachos Quezo Diablo. Ha! Diablo = hot, hot, hot! But one wouldn't expect hell to be delicious, right?

We finished all the nachos like famished nomads even before we were served our drinks - a pair of Cherry Soda.

We waited for a good 20 minutes before our meals were served. We didn't mind waiting because being a frequent diner, we are looking forward to freshly cooked food each time. The resto-bar is breathed to life by a one-man team - Joaquin Chaves or Oax, who manages everything from kitchen (the one and only cook), to cashiering, to entertaining guests. Super hands on like any restaurant owner really should be.

Date plate - chicken breast (kebab) and pasta puttanesca

chicken breast fillet cooked with basis leaves and lots of herbs and spices.
this is the hubby's favorite

these strawberry topped pana cottas are just complimentary - the best desserts
are sometimes free!

Before The Hubby and I discovered Soul Kitchen, I didn't like Kimchi. Its pungent smell turns me off and I wouldn't even dare touch it, much more taste it. It was that fateful day when we went to Soul Kitchen that converted me to love kimchi - my order of Chicken Wings Adobado came with a small platito of what looked like coleslaw (in the dark). I instantly fell in love with it at first bite, so to speak. I later learned that their kimchi is homemade by Oax himself.

The best part of each dining experience is how at home the customers feel in the restaurant. By simply observing the diners, one can easily notice that a lot of them are returning patrons who both love the dishes and the people behind Soul Kitchen.

Soul Kitchen serves Italian-Mediterranean cuisine with a Filipino twist. It  is located at The GATE Arcade, Ortigas Avenue Extention, Taytay. Open from 4pm til 2am the following day. 


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