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Friday, February 18, 2011

Goodbye Brad

Our Dear Brad,

(I know you can't read but maybe there is someone in the Dog Heaven who can. This is our farewell message to you.)

There were so many objections from family and friends when we got you. You have the worst reputation in the entire pet dog universe and we were warned sternly against taking you home. But we fell in love with you when we saw you. You looked so fragile and sweet.

Over the years, you gained strength and your body developed pogi muscles. You became a hunk! Well somewhat a dirty hunk because your saliva slips out of your huge mouth after exercising and there was a time you scratched yourself too much your hair started falling off. Other than that, you were a handsome dog.

So you became The Hubby's trophy dog, whose misadventures and misdemeanors were proudly told during get-togethers and beer drinking sessions. Guests in our home wouldn't leave without us showing you off and we enjoyed watching our friends' reactions when they see you.

Being a fighting-type pitbull, you were massive (macho) and fearsome to strangers. They were particularly afraid of your jaws, which are set to lock as soon as they bite on something. Yet when we look at you, we feel more delight than fear - honestly, that thick jaw and mouth of yours look like you were grinning.

As for me, you were my birthday gift but I never called you mine, isn't that strange?...more sad than strange.

Brad, thank you for almost seven years of protecting our home and our family. We will keep your memories in our hearts.

Goodbye. We will miss you.


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