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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Edwin!

We've been friends for 16 years - since college in fact, when we were still young and fresh. Hahaha! I would have posted here pictures from back then but I fear for dear life that I'd rather keep them private.

at his 30th bday

During that 16 years, our friendship evolved and our 'relationship' became complicated, all in a good way. We became mag-kinakapatid (Nanay, his mom, stood as godmother in my wedding), and then magkumare/pare when he stood as godfather to Eone.

one of the things we did together all as first timers

my partner in crime with my partner for life :)

We planned my wedding together - church-hunting, reception selection, food tasting, gown designs, invitations...I guess practically everything! He would go to the pre-nuptial counseling with me had I asked him to, for sure!

when we celebrated his bday in HK

We've crossed streets, rivers, towns and countries together. Kaladkarin sa lakaran maybe is the best term to describe. I remember calling him at 10 in the morning to ask if he wants to go to Pagsanjan Falls. He was barely awake but asked 'When? What time?'. 'Now na', I said. He agreed. By 11am we were at their doorstep picking him up. Most of our travels we were a trio - him, The Hubby and myself and never did we feel that three is a crowd thing.

If there's one person who can ruin my life by spilling my little secrets, it's Edwin. That's how comfortable and confident I was with him. In fact, apart from The Hubby, the only person I have shared a couple's room massage was him. We went to Nurture Spa in Tagaytay, booked spa services and without any qualms, took the couples room. We had to remind the masseuse, 'Ate, wag masyadong nakabuyangyang ha. Di kami magkaano-ano'. Hahahaha! I still laugh when I remember the scene.

feeling showbiz in Macau

16 years and going..

So today I raise my glass (of coke),

To the sweetest, most thoughtful friend I know and have
To the one whose name comes first in my mind when I'm in distress
To the one who picked me up in the middle of nowhere when I had an accident
To Eone's ninong and Enoe's tito,
To my confidant, critic and fashion consultant
To my dearest best friend for life, Happy Birthday!

I love you more than I love my lotions and makeup! I promise we'd still be friends 'til we're both toothless and gray-haired (and fabulous for sure).

Have a great birthday. XOXO


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