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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Rode, I Shopped, I Conquered

With Enoe's birthday barely 2 weeks away, I had to schedule my shopping trip to Divisoria which I have been putting off since Mommy, my ever reliable companion in bargain hunting, was out there in Hong Kong and Macau scratching her itchy feet.

It's a long trip from Taytay to Divi and normally I'd drive to QC to park at my parents' house and then commute to Divi. Afterall, it's just one jeepney ride away from Retiro.

I don't know what got into me but I decided to take another route this trip. I told Mommy I'd instead take the MRT from Santolan and I'll meet her at Recto Station. From there we can take a jeep going to Tutuban which is just about 10 minutes, traffic notwithstanding.

It's been almost 2 years since I last took the MRT (when I had to do a housecall for an ex-colleague who went AWOL) and I have no idea how much would be the fare. Actually, it's just my second time to ride the MRT Santolan-Recto line (MRT-2 Purple Line) - the first time I couldn't even remember when and why. All I know was I was with The Hubby. Where was our car then?

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Upon arrival at Santolan, I was welcomed by seven ticket vending machines but silly me doesn't have coins so I had to go the ticket booth. I hope I didn't look too much of an idiot searching for it. The fare from end to end is just Php15.  Makes me wonder why there are a lot of protest against MRT price hike. Our MRT fare is the cheapest I know among the many countries I've been to.

Anyway, I was pretty amused by the whole MRT riding thing that I must have been grinning like Mr. Bean while waiting for the train. Santolan is a depot station so I wasn't worried about not getting any seat although I was prepared to bump and push my way into one. Hehehe. Soon enough the door of the train opened and everyone rushed in. Before I could even blink, all seats have been taken.

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The train ride itself was uneventful. The train was new, spacious, airconditioned and clean. There were not too many riders, ergo less thrill seekers, crazy heads and stinky passengers. I didn't smell any armpits or unwashed hair, thank you very much. Before I knew it, we were pulling over at Recto station and everyone, including myself, got off.      

So I met Mom, took a jeep to Tutuban and walked to 168 and New Divisoria Mall along rows after rows of vendors selling all stuff imaginable. I was tempted many times to start purchasing fruits, cute pouches, toys, even vegetables!

If you're looking for party materials like prizes for games, loot bags, balloons, and other gift items, Divisoria Mall is the place to go. I was able to buy everything I need for Enoe's birthday at half the price from SM. Shoppers can haggle too, and in the haggling arena my Mommy is the topnotcher. I sometimes grimace when Mom cuts the price half or even lower. I did whisper to her once or twice to let the seller earn a little, hahaha!

I'm particularly happy that I was able to buy the paper loot bags I want. Before trooping to Divi, I was a bit worried I wouldn't find any Toy Story themed item but Divisoria didn't disappoint me. Buzz Lightyear, Woody and the rest of the crew are everywhere! I even got a Buzz Lightyear piñata without sweat (okay, a little because Divi Mall's basement is not airconditioned).

Anyway, here are my purchases. Guess how much I paid for all these?


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