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Friday, February 18, 2011

Mangga, Mangga Hinog Ka Na Ba?

When I was working in a hotel handling guests satisfaction, the common comment or request from guests is for our restaurants to serve mango. Foreign visitors claim and acknowledge that the Philippines has the best tasting mangoes in the world.

I am sure they are referring to ripe mango. But what about green, unripe ones? Foreigners do not fancy this but locals do. There is a mango tree at our backyard (vacant lot) and during summer (the mango season) the fruits were so abundant we can have mango feast everyday.

The other day, my colleague came in with a plastic of green mango. She offered to share but I sensed she's enjoying munching on the crunchy fruit so much maybe one whole fruit was just enough for her. Then the following day as I was walking towards Shangri la Mall, I saw this woman along the sidewalk selling unripe mangoes.

Too tempting. I asked her how much. She said Php20 each. Hmmm. Quite expensive, I told myself. That's already half a kilo in the wet market. But then I reckon part of that amount goes peeling, slicing, the rock salt (pink! more on this below..), and packaging plastic.

The most popular seasoning in the world is salt. We put salt to various food to add or enhance flavor. But vendors nowadays have become creative. The seasoning is now being seasoned! 

Meet salt spiced up with chopped red chilis...

So here's how I enjoyed my unripe or green mango:

Dip it or sprinkle with salt (or the chili salt concoction). Yum! The salty-spicy taste fights off the sourness of the mango.

The other way is to dip the mango in sauteed shrimp paste or bagoong. Heaven! It's hard to describe the taste - a mixture of sweet, salty and sour all dancing in my taste the pungent smell of bagoong adds a nice tune to this number.

Hay sarap! Want one?


armie said...

...that is so true.. the Philippine Mangoes are indeed the best! Yung mango dito, unless imported from Pinas, ay super tabang or asim. We used to have an Indian Mango tree in Rizal and come harvesting season, ang saya talaga.

BratinelangKikay said...

sabi nga, feel na feel ang summer not only with the heat but also with the heaps of mangoes that are harvested... mahal ba dyan ang mangga?

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