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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh My Danggit

A lot of people do not believe that I am most happy feasting on simple authentic Filipino foods. I can live a life devoid of steak, lamp chops, veal or turkey and still be happy. But scrap out tuyo, fried egg and tortang talong from my menu and I'd be miserable.

Having said that I love simple pinoy meals, weekend breakfast at home is something I look forward to as it is the time when I trully enjoy eating. We normally have fried rice, fried tuyo, sunny-side up eggs, hotdogs and sometimes Spam.

But there are times when breakfast on weekends turn from great to fantastic! That is when we get to have danggit straight from Cebu where it is made to perfection.

Danggit is a local term for dried rabbitfish. It it best served deep fried with sliced tomatoes, spicy vinegar, eggs and garlic rice.

In the old days, dried fish is said to be a poor man's meal. Today, dried fish (tuyo, danggit, squid, dilis) is so expensive that it's impossible for those living under the poverty line to buy them. A kilo of this delicacy costs Php900 (that's over 4 times the price of pork) in supermarkets but I got mine for half the price when my colleague went to Cebu last week.

I can almost imagine its aroma while it fries to crispy-yumminess.  I bet my neighbors can smell my kitchen from two blocks away. Too bad for them, haha. I'm looking forward to many fantastic weekend breakfast or until my danggits last.


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