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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Who is your child's pedia?

Next to our mother (and mother in law), the person we trust most with our babies is their pedia. Thus, the hunt for the most reliable pedia even before our baby is born is top priority. More often than not, first time moms ask friends and relatives for referral to a good pedia instead of finding one on their own.

Referral works 90% of the time since we often bank on someone else's experience when making our choices. The remaining 10% plays around some variables like our preferences with certain aspects probably not even related to pedia care. The waiting time to be seen by the doctor is that 10% sometimes. Other factors to be considered is the doctor's availability in case of emergencies and the availability of a reliever when she goes on holiday.

I'm thankful we have a pedia we trust and love. She is not the type of doctor who would poke your child a few times and then write prescriptions. She would thoroughly check my kids and discuss with me everything there is to expect. From teething to skin rashes to speech development. Every single minute spent waiting for your turn in her clinic is worth if (mind you, waiting time can be as long as 5 hours). We wait for hours but when it's our turn, we never get the feeling of being hurried. Our doctor will patiently discuss with us the side effects of a vaccine before giving it to my child, talk about my son's weight, food intake, sleeping habits, almost everything! She would not prescribe any medicines unless really necessary for simple colds and cough and would instead encourage us to give more fluids and natural food.

That's my kind of doctor and we sooo love her! She's not accredited by our health insurance but I don't care. She has a very nice clinic at The Medical City and guess how much she charges per visit? Only Php300. And that's been her fee since 2006.

Should I give her name? It will probably make her more popular and we have to wait longer on each visit. :-) Anyway, she's Dra. Elizabeth Palmero-Reyes. She's the head of the Pediatrics Department at The Medical City so she shouldn't be hard to find.


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