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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Going for Triple X at Bite Club

It's neither gluttony nor craving for burger that introduced us to Bite Club for the first time 2 years back. Someone bragged about this humongous burger from a small joint in Katipunan and it got me curious to the bones.

But Katipunan is opposite our route going home. Sad! I had to be patient 'til The Hubby finds time to go there and buy me that burger (although I am not a burger fan). Then one night, he got back with a the 'surprise'.

Look at how big this burger is. This is called Triple X. Nope, there's no moaning and kinky between the gigantic bread - this is simply one pound of 100% pure beef (almost half kilo) grilled evenly, lettuce, tomatoes and your choice of toppings.

You can estimate the giant burger by Eone's fingers against it; even with her palms spread out, she even couldn't reach halfway! The mega slab of protein is 10 inches in diameter and occupies a whole plate. Unless someone has an appetite of a mammoth, this burger is good for sharing.  (When I went with my colleagues, we took a burger partner).

They have various selections of toppings to liven up your burger (pay additional). Choose from Saucemaryosep (hot cajun and chili sauce), Blue Cheese and Sour Cream, South Pork (bacon bits in cheddar cheese), Sergeant Peppers (peppered mushrooms in gravy sauce), Royal Rumble (a combination of 4 cheese - camembert, ricotta, parmesan and cheddar), Garlic and Cheese, and Wasabi and Teriyaki, Caramelized Onions and many more.

Other smaller burgers are also available for the beef conservatives. I heard Bombarella is another topnotcher which is a 1/2 pound burger and 7 inches in diameter. The mozzarella cheese-infused Burgerella is said to be very tasty too and just the right size (1/3 pounds) for diners who do not wish to share.

Aside from the regular sauces of burgers like ketchup, mayo and mustard, Bite Club has creatively 'invented' sauces and baptised them with intriguing names like Chavit Singsauce (obviously referring to Gov. Singson), a hot and spicy concoction just like its namesake and Atong Anghang (the popular gambling lord Atong Ang) which is a semi-spicy garlic sauce.

Planning to try their burgers? Bite Club is located in Katipunan Avenue across Blue Ridge A. There is not enough parking space but if you go in the evening, the small hardware and other shops beside them will allow you to park in their slots.


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