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Friday, March 04, 2011

Ice Cream Parlor

I grab every opportunity to bond with my children, especially Eone who is very active and is not content with simple plays and toys. Perhaps it's her montessori schooling that is influencing her interest in cooking, arts, crafts, yoga and practical activities.

I came home early the other night and found both myself and my daughter craving for ice cream. Since Eone loves entertaining friends (actually she only has 1, a schoolmate who happens to be a neighbor too), we make sure to have ice cream, biscuits and whatnot kept in the fridge in case someone came by to play.

We decided we'll be playing Ice Cream Parlor and design our ice cream with the goodies we have from our cupboard and freezer. Of course we have to give our ice creams a name.

I came up with what I call Cheezy Missy. It's made with two scoops of Quezo Real ice cream from Selecta, sprinkled with colored coated crunch, topped with 3 Hershey's kisses and adorned with two chocolate wafer sticks. Yum! I'm happy the cheese and chocolate blended successfully.

As for the little girl, she said she wants everything chocolate. I asked her what to call her ice cream and she said "Brown ice cream!". Simple. Haha.

Two scoops of Dark Chocolate ice cream by Selecta, 4 Hershey's kisses (actually 5, she ate one before I can take a shot) and 2 chocolate wafer sticks.

I like doing this. I can't wait 'til Enoe is big enough to join us :)


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