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Monday, March 07, 2011


I am getting tired all these Senate hearings and their efforts to extract information from those thieves clad in suits and barongs. Every time there is a hearing, nothing is really new and only one truth is revealed over and over again.  And that is our leaders are sick!

It seems the leaders of our nation are all struck with an illness, a form of disorder that is so strong it spreads like virus even to immediate and extended family members. Heck, even close associates and friends get infected.

Unbelievable it seems but even the military, whose men we thought are made of steel (honesty, honor and dignity) was not spared from the disease which for me is more serious than cancer. In cancer, one can be cured by undergoing chemotherapy, but for this ailment, the moment cure is attempted (through investigations in the senate) the 'patient' develops more types of illnesses - hypertension, diabetes, suicidal tendencies are among the most common complications.

I used to think Kleptomania is a simple yet embarrassing disorder - someone becomes addicted to stealing even things that are of no value. But it seems it has evolved in the Philippines into something more than just a behavior or mental disorder. It seems the sickness is developed the moment the person holds power (I wish it was electric power) or elected to a position.

Kleptomania has infested all government institutions and it seems no form of therapy or cure is available, especially to those who also suffers from Thick Face Syndrome.

With this current disorder being so prevalent in our leaders, I propose that we change our form of government from democratic to kleptocratic. After all, that's really what it is right now, a Government of Thieves.


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