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Monday, March 21, 2011

MomGyver and the Magic Headdress

Eone's school had their culminating program to close the school year 2010-2011.  We were quite unprepared as she's been away from her classes for almost 2 weeks due to chicken pox. Yes, she caught it despite having the vaccine (she had in fact just recently received her booster when she turned 4). The good news is that she got only about 15 blisters and all of them disappeared like magic after a couple of days. She wasn't even feverish or appeared sick.

Anyway, so she missed a couple of lessons, her mastery tests and practices for their dance number in their program. On our part, we missed the announcements on what they should be wearing and even the date when the activity is going to be.

So I got this notice a school day before the event together with a picture of what they're suppose to wear (80's inspired clothes). I was also told Eone needs a headdress with feathers for their poem recitation, The Hummingbird.

Where in the world will I get such headdress that would fit Eone? Because I have limited time in my hands, I need to be creative. During these times that I can attest to what seems to be an overused phrase, 'Necessity is the mother of all inventions'.

Enter MomGyver. I bought a feather duster, unearthed some abaca fiber (I kept from a gift wrap) and some white glue. It would have been better if I have a glue gun but it went hiding just when I really need it.

I was worried that the feather will not stick to the headband that's why I thought of wrapping it with abaca fiber first before I start attaching the feathers. I worked! It also made the feathers 'stand', creating an illusion of volume.

Thanks to Toad, Enoe's sleeping companion, for offering himself as a model (and fitting guide) so I can check if the feathers were distributed equally. Eone refused to try the feathered headband that night, saying it's panget (bruhang bata yan) so I had to get a stuff toy to put it on. Jeez, I'm glad Toad didn't complain.

I was very proud of my little girl as she, together with her classmates, recited The Hummingbird. She swayed, raised her hand, titled her head and smiled as she mimicked the bird.

It must be the magic headdress made by mommy that was fueling her enormous confidence. Hehe.


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