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Thursday, March 03, 2011


We picked up my in-laws  from the airport (who came home for 5 days just to attend Enoe's birthday party) last week. We normally arrive 30 minutes after their ETA so we won't have to park; instead we'd proceed to the arrival area and get them from the waiting bay. This time, however, we came an hour early and had to wait at the waiting terminal.

This is the sorry state of our international airport's waiting terminal at the arrival area (NAIA 1). All these years they've been collecting fees but they never had any renovations or improvement inside this facility. Hay.

I'm glad they've stopped collecting Php30 for each person who wants to wait inside the old ugly building...

Going to the toilet. Note that I did not take photos of the toilet..too gross.

Sure foreigners do not wait here and only Pinoys has this practice of coming to the airport by the truckload both to send off and to welcome their relatives coming from overseas. But still, this is part of the airport - where first and last impressions of our county are usually made.

where are the bars? stolen and sold to the junk shop?

I've travelled to countries thought to have less desirable conditions, but hey, even Sri Lanka has a nice airport. Way better that NAIA!

It may be worth mentioning that I was also disappointed with Narita Airport. It was small, dim and the baggage conveyors badly need replacement. But one thing to note are the comfort rooms - despite being old, they are clean, with adequate tissue papers and the toilets' flush are functioning!

I wonder if the administrators of NAIA travel at all because if they do, how come they don't feel miserable about our airport as compared with other airports at least in Asia?

Deadma na basta me sweldo sila?


armie said...

Yes, I agree with you Wheng. Sad but true- even Saigon- many years ago their international airport looks like our domestic airport- but they now have a new, modern looking international airport.

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