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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rise and shine again, Japan

Everyone knows I love Japan. Among the places I've been to, it's the one that left me in awe. I love the technology-driven country, the marriage of traditional and modern, the fresh and organic food, the polite people who bows even when just serving meals, the discipline and orderliness, the systematic way of life, the little temples tucked between high-rise buildings - almost everything!

I know everyone is saddened by the devastation of the recent 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Sendai, near Tokyo. Those who have been to Japan probably feel the loss more even just by watching the catastrophe as it unfolds on TV. I have been to that beautiful country several times and I shiver at the sight of what used to be almost perfect being wiped out in a blink.

It's heartbreaking watching cars, farmlands, and homes being washed away by a surge of ocean water. As I write this blog, the death toll has been estimated at 1000 and it still may rise.

At that magnitude I am impressed at how sturdy their structures are. In Tokyo to be particular, there were no reports of buildings that collapsed. Admirable too, that the people are calm and still act in an orderly fashion even in the absence of transportation, threat of a radiation leak from their nuclear power plant and the imminent shortage of fuel and food. During these times of crisis, I couldn't help but admire the Japanese people.


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