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Monday, March 28, 2011

Roundin' Up Rudy's Gang

Dear Daddy,

It's been a while since I last wrote. I've been quite busy but I know that's not an excuse and I am sorry.

I fetched Mommy from Retiro the other day and we went to Quezon City Circle. They've made a lot of improvements in the park, including a huge playground. It was strange Mom and I were both making plans in our mind to take you there some time - yeah, silly us we forgot you are already in heaven.

I often do that. I see something you would surely love and I'd pick up my phone in an attempt to call you. I guess I am still not 100% adjusted to not having you around. It's going to be two years soon, but two years is not enough to get used to being Daddy-less. Heck, maybe even a lifetime will not be enough.

On a happy note, while you are away probably enjoying your leisure time answering Sodoku with the angels, your 'gang' expanded and got bigger. Ha! Everyone got busy so to speak.

What used to be a tandem of Eone and Jeje now became a team with Enoe a.k.a Little Jason and Euan (Rodgie's wailer) as the latest recruits. Four of them got together last weekend and it was a riot.

My little Enoe and Gie's baby Euan

Eone and Jeje - taller and naughtier

Three of them at play

Kuya Jeje trying to sleep while Kuya Enoe invades the bed

The boys played 'roll the ball' (or should I say they played 'you roll the ball or I'll snatch it from you'?) while the lone girl took her chance to rummage through Jeje's boxes of toys. Both Dhing and I were amused and slightly frustrated with all the grabbing and snatching of toys. The phrases, 'Dont be selfish' and 'Learn to share' were overused that day.

Mom was at the edge of her seat all the time. You know Mom, how she overreacts even on the slightest bump. She said she's tired by just watching the tots play. I told her you would probably trade everything for a chance to watch them together even just once.

Sigh. We miss you last weekend.


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