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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Savor Filipino Cuisine

The first time we tried Savor dishes was on Edwin's birthday dinner almost 2 weeks ago. I love the food so much I can't help but plan to come back. After all, there will be plenty of excuses I can come up with since the restaurant is just at Rockwell Business Center where The Hubby works.

Last night, I found the perfect excuse to have dinner again at Savor. The Hubby went to have a few drinks with his colleagues and since I am driving, I took the chance to dine again at Savor while I wait for him. My dinner partner was again  no other than my bff Edwin.

Savor Filipino Cuisines serves classic and modern Pinoy dishes. Modern in a way because some traditional local recipes were cooked with a twist by blending in ingredients to make the dish upbeat yet loyal to the Filipino taste.

We ordered Kare Kare which I think is the most popular Pinoy dish (next to adobo); all local specialty restaurants serve this stew of oxtail or beef, vegetables and peanut sauce. Paired with shrimp paste or bagoong, nobody can resist the unique yet delicious taste of Kare Kare.

Kare Kare Php299

I told Edwin I want to try the eggplant omelette. Since we're into local food fiesta, might as well try the dishes that are best enjoyed at home. Yummy! Their tortang talong is not just a simple torta as I was able to taste both the pork and shrimp in each bite. For Php179 per order, it's definitely worth the price.

Shrimp and Pork Tortang Talong - Php179

Monggo is my favorite comfort food. It's the Filipino's poor man's dish primarily because monggo or mung bean is cheap and a kilo goes a long way especially when made into a soup.

The dish name in the menu is difficult to miss. Ones curiosity is roused with Munggo Sabaw Sosyal. The word sosyal is a Filipino slang for someone who lives in affluence. Wouldn't you be interested in tasting something simple like mung bean with a touch of affluence?

I was able to figure out what's special in this monggo soup as soon as I first sipped it. The flavor of mung bean, sauteed pork, smoked fish and chorizo bits was simply hypnotizing. I almost forgot we ordered other dishes.

Munggo Sabaw Sosyal - Php169

On the second visit, we decided to try other house specialties - Crab and Shrimp Relleno and Pork Sisig. The relleno lived up to my expectation of being the best from Savor. When I sliced the cake, I actually saw crab and shrimp meat. Certainly, they did not scrimp on their ingredients.

Crab and Shrimp Relleno Php299

On the otherhand, the sisig is just any ordinary sisig I have tried in other restaurants. Nothing really special about it except for its extra crunchy meat.

Crispy Sisig Php199 

Without any exaggerations, I'd say these Filipino meals are the best I've had in a long time. Of course it costs more than what I normally pay for monggo or torta but good food comes with a price just like anything else in this universe.

Can anyone guess how many orders of rice we (The Hubby, Edwin and I) finished the first time we ate? 7 cups.

Yes, it's THAT good!

No trace of food. haha!


Marge said...

I also enjoy eating at Savor in Rockwell, Ortigas. One of my favorites is their Crab & Shrimp Relleno - really fresh and chunky, I agree, they don't scrimp on their ingredients:-) I also love their Krispy Binagoongan and Boneless Crispy Pata. I recommend that you try their Pusit Tisay on your next visit...really yummy.

BratinelangKikay said...

Hi Marge, thanks! I will try that next time, maybe next week !!

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