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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UST 400 Years Commemorative Php200 Notes

When my Alma mater, The Royal Pontifical Univesity of Sto. Tomas, celebrated its 400th founding anniversary last January, I tried my best to attend the ceremony. The Hubby and I are alumni (Faculty of Engineering) of the school that is considered the oldest existing university in Asia. In fact, Hubby also finished High School from UST so I was expecting he'd be more insistent to attend the festivities.

To say I was disappointed that I missed the event was an understatement. It was bad enough that the celebration was made in the evening (and ended past midnight) but what made it worse was it was also a weekday.

Anyhoo, you don't want to know where we were that evening of the Grand Quadricentenial Celebration. (We were in Ateneo Uniiversity, of all places!).

I was prepared to sulk and harbor regrets for many many weeks until Darling Sister showed me a little consolation. Bangko Sentral issued limited edition commemorative Php200 bill with UST's quadricentenial logo and my sister, being the darling that she is from Bangko Sentral, secured a note for me.

I can't believe I got one of this. Do I frame it, put in a vault, keep in my closet?


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