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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wounded No More

We finally have Tacqs back in our garage, fresh from Toyota like nothing happened. Yey!

It was mid January when the car was "flicked" by a ten-wheeler truck. The Hubby was driving along Calle Industria on his way home while the truck, being driven by an idiot pretending to know how to drive, made a right turn towards their parking lot (at Unilever).

It was a mild accident but the damage to the right front and rear doors were so bad they need to be replaced. Repair by a little patching and dent removal is not going to work and I was bent on not shouldering any expenses. These drivers and trucking companies need to learn a lesson.

So the battle with both the truck company and their vehicle insurance began. Despite the police report clearly indicating we are the aggrieved party, the trucking company had the temerity to claim it was us who hit them. Well, that's expected. Anyway, after a long argument which of course I won, we were told they will shoulder the cost of repair.

Having agreed to have their insurance cover our repair didn't end the chase. I was left to deal with their insurance coordinator who doesn't even have enough cellphone load to update me on my claim. If someone offers you a Paramount Insurance, cover your ears with button mushrooms and turn it down even if it's free. They have issues with claims payment and some Toyota branches refuse to accept repair jobs being guaranteed by them. In fact, in Toyota Pasig they are blacklisted.

Anyway, I am so happy that Tacqs is back in his old glory (save for the door handle that had no chrome cover).

When we went home after the accident, Eone saw the car and said, "Mommy, may sugat si Tacquiqui!".  We told her we'll take the car to Toyota to have it 'treated'.  Last weekend, we got the car back and upon seeing, she excitedly checked the car and exclaimed, "Wow, no more sugat na mommy!"

Yes, wounded no more and I hope it stays that way for a very very long time.


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