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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bicol Escapade: CWC and Lago del Rey

The first leg of our Bicol escapade is at CamSum Watersports Complex (CWC) at Pili, Camarines Sur. Because we anticipated the exhaustion after the long drive, I put it at Day 2 of our trip after spending overnight in Naga City. I wanted the children to rest and relax first so they have all the energy to enjoy CWC the following day.

We booked a room at Moraville Hotel in Naga City as we were told CWC is only 15 minutes away from Naga. The hotel room is spacious and offers buffet meals at very reasonable prices (worthy of a separate post).

We got to CWC a little after 11am on Good Friday. My mom who grew up in Bicol had often boasted of how religious the Bicolanos are and that lent was always spent quietly in abstinence and prayers. So just imagine how shocked we were to arrive at the complex without any available parking space near the man-made lake area and even further dismayed that at that early, the waiting list for wakeboarding had gone to over 100. That means The Hubby and I would be able to wakeboard at around 6pm. No freakin' way we're waiting that long, especially when we have kids in tow and are going straight to Legazpi City in the evening.

Having Lago Del Rey right across the cable park saved our day. The aqua park is a huge obstacle course on water. The huge inflatables that float on the 15-feet deep man-made lake are the main attractions of the park.

Guests are welcome and even encouraged by the lifeguards and guides to hurdle the obstacle courses. It looked easy when we were just watching but when it was our turn to try, I didn't even get past the first obstacle while The Hubby finished after a couple of splashes, haha.

Eone wouldn't dare swim past her comfort zone despite having a life vest on, ergo, she was limited to just the area near the shore where other kids were wading too. She also refused to leave the water that we almost had to drag her out of it at lunch time. The only brilliant idea I was able to came up with to get her our of the water even for a short while was to hire a paddle boat.

For only Php100 per hour, we were able to take the little girl (and my toddler Enoe) around the lake.

Other activities to enjoy at Lago del Rey include kayaking, wakeboarding behind a motor boat, jet skiing and swimming. They also have a skate park within the complex and is currently free of charge.

Indeed, CWC is a haven for water sports fanatic. Every effort to make it attractive to tourists and sports enthusiasts is visible in the facilities they have provided. Affordable accommodations are just within the complex. I actually called Eco Village early April to book a room but they were already full. Too bad.

Tourists on a budget need not worry about the prices. Here are the fees:

Entrance - Php100 per head
Swimming at Aqua Park - Php150/hr; Php200 half day; Php380 whole day
Tent Rental - Php350 whole day
Kayak and Sailboat with paddle - Php100/hr

Guests can bring in food and drinks. There are also food stalls near the cable park complex. For those who prefer more comfortable dining, CWC Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar serves Japanese, Chinese, Korean cuisines among other international dishes.

For rates at CWC (cable park), please click here.


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