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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Circle of Joy

The last time I was at Quezon City Circle was around 16 years ago. We needed a huge space to practice for Darling Sister's cotillion de honor for her 18th birthday and decided to go to there.

Back then, the place was just a plain park housing the Quezon Memorial Shrine Museum showcasing Pres. Manuel L. Quezon's memorabilia and other historical materials of Quezon City beneath the monument.

A couple of weekend ago, while The Hubby was away on a two-day excursion with his colleagues, I took the kids to Circle.

Mommy said they've already made a lot of improvements on the park, especially when it became the venue for the unity party after Pres. Noynoy Aquino's inauguration. I was quite impressed, there's no denying, after I saw how they have maximized the vast space by putting in a small theme park (or carnival), skating area, bike trail and playground.

Although quite tempted to try the theme park aptly named Circle of Fun, I was discouraged by the mere thought that the The Hubby wasn't with us. I don't want the kids taking any rides without him; I just couldn't bear the risk (and responsibility).

Of course I didn't want to disappoint the children so off we went to the opposite direction which led us to the Circle of Joy. I didn't know Quezon City (after having lived there all my teenage and single life) has a playground this huge.

Aside from the play areas, Circle of Joy have several colored picnic houses where families can spread a mat, eat their packed meals and enjoy the day. Clearly, the idea is really for an inexpensive venue for family get-togethers and relaxation.

Where there are kids, there are various lures. We all know that. These balloons were too tempting for Eone to resist. I got her Dora and a Spongebob for Enoe, but being the frisky active girl that she is, she accidentally punched a hole on her balloon the moment she laid her little fingers on them. Imagine the crying spree and poor Enoe having to share (unwillingly) his balloon with Ate.

There is absolutely no time for kids to get bored here. After exhausting themselves at the playground, they can try flying kites or rent a bike. The huge skating arena also provides perfect venue for those who brought their roller skates, skate boards or scooters.

All these amenities can be enjoyed for free, thanks to the city government. Only cars are charged an entrance of Php15 and still that's reasonable.


Armie said...

Its a good thing they were able to keep the Circle alive. Single pa kami when we last went there. I was with Janet on an early morning, sitting by the swing on a Saturday morning.

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