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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Getting to Know the New Nayong Pilipino

Nayong Pilipino used to located in Pasay City, near the Terminal II airport. It's a park where miniature or replicas of select famous landmarks of the Philippines were showcased. I had many pictures taken there when I was little and the one where I posed down the slope of the mini Mayon Volcano was one of my favorites.
Unfortunately, Nayong Pilipino had to be closed to give way to the expansion of the airport in 2004 and after a failed attempts to relocate the new Nayong Pilipino, it has made a new home in Clarkfield, Pampanga.
It's a long drive for tourists coming from Manila but for those landing from Diosdado Macapagal Airport in Clark, the location is quite convenient (read: you can go there to kill time). I think a few hotels in Clark can offer shuttle service there.
Anyway, the new Nayong Pilipino in Clark is a very very small version of what used to be in Manila. I think the area doesn't even come close to the original size in Pasay. The replicas are limited too.
Let's have a quick tour...
This depicts the Filipino version of the origin of human kind. Si Malakas at Si Maganda (The Strong and The Beautiful) were the first human who emerged from a huge bamboo.
How they got inside the bamboo was beyond anyone's imagination and was not even mentioned in textbooks.

A replica of the house of Jose Rizal, our national hero. I don't know how many replicas of Rizal's house exist all over the country. We didn't go inside.

There's a miniature of Barasoain Church.

Inside the mini Barasoain Church is a real altar because Sunday mass are held here weekly. Do note that the real Barasoain's details and design inside the church is FAR different from this. Common sense naman, hindi kasya.


I think the highlight of the park is the Ifugao Village where real and actual houses of Ifugaos are showcased. The houses were built using indigenous materials and were labelled according to their types and purpose so it's also very informative.

It also makes urban-raised people like myself realize that it's possible to live in the simplest form of dwelling.

I had to pause and figure out what this 'replica' is suppose to depict. The stairs gave it away - Banawe Rice Terraces?!

No. Not even close.

For those with energetic kids, there's a huge play area near the parking area where children can run around to their hearts content. Seesaws, swings and slides are also built as added attraction as well as a short hanging bridge.

Entrance fee is Php50 for adults, Php30 for kids. There's also a php20 parking fee. Wear comfy shoes if you plan to visit, and a bottle of mosquito repellent could be very useful as there is a small man made body of water (I think visitors can go boating) and lots of plants. Perfect combination for mosquitoes.


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