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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lola Love

When my mom told me she wants my kids to call her Lola Love, I rolled my eyes and let out a groan. What kind of a name is that?

But now that Eone is 4 and can converse in an almost-adult fashion, it makes me smile when I listen to her and my mom's exchanges. I love hearing her and my mother call each other by their terms of endearment. Eone is Baby Love to match Lola Love.

My mom has already worn many hats. She's been a teacher, guidance councilor, clerk, social worker,  dedicated servant of their religious community, and entrepreneur. But I know being a wife (now a widow) and a mother were the roles that she loved most; the roles from whom she didn't earn a single cent but spent most of her time with.

At 65, she's carrying on another major task and I think this is the one she wouldn't trade anything for - being a granny to 4 rambunctious children.

Look at what having 4 grandchildren did to my mom...they made her young (at heart) again!

She rocks, doesn't she?

Happy Birthday Lola Love! We love you muchos.


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