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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mongolian Rice Bowl on Mom's 65th

Mommy celebrated her 65th birthday last Sunday. We didn't have the usual gathering and party at our home in QC; mom just wanted a simple lunch with the family after visiting Dad at the columbary. So off we went to Mall of Asia to find a good venue with good food, preferably something we haven't tried and could accommodate our entire barangay in one long table (we're just 3 siblings, but add our spouses, kids and nannies and our count easily went over a dozen).

Darling Sis spotted a resto called Mongolian Rice Bowl and after doing a quick survey of the spread, we decided to try the Mongolian style buffet. Buffet is hassle-free and quick especially when we're so many in the group and the kids need a quick lunch fix.

Using a variety of meat, vegetables, spices and sauces, we were able to create our own stir-fry meals. There's also an option to use noodles instead of rice and to pour soup instead of having the noodles stir-fried.

Doing Mongolian buffet is simple. Pile up your choices of meat, vegetable, noodles (or rice) on a bowl. Then pour in your desired spices before sending it off to the kitchen for stir-frying.

At Mongolian Rice Bowl, they placed a guide on how to properly flavour your meals. Seems like a lot and complicated, isn't it?

The thing with Mongolian buffet is that when your food sucks, you can't blame the cook because you chose your spices, sauces, condiments and whatnots. On a brighter side, you get to indulge on the ingredients that you really like.

Desserts were also included, although there's not much variety. The macaroons were homemade and taste really nice but I wish they could have made it a bit bigger.

Here's the celebrant with her happiness.

Mongolian buffet is at Php280 on weekdays and Php380 on weekends. Children 4 feet below are charged 50% of the buffet price.


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