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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rabbit, Santi, Keni, whatever!

We used to have 3 dogs at home - Achilles Rottweiler, Brad Pitbull and Spot Mongrel (yes they have surnames LOL!).

Spot was given by a neighbor in St. Anthony to The Hubby when he was just 21. He is an askal but a very spoiled one - loves pan de sal for merienda, eats chocolates and enjoys the same noche buena we have every Christmas. He was a well-loved dog, especially by my mom in law who calls him Balong.

One cloudy day in December of 2009, Spot suddenly disappeared without a trace. We searched for him around the village, and even paid for people to look for him, but all in vain. He was pushing 14 years, almost deaf and walks in slowmo. Age deteriorated our once agile dog and perhaps he felt his time was nearing its end and decided to leave home. We didn't have any memory of him dead, but we were left also to wonder what happened to him.

So we were left with the big ones, the fearsome pitbull and the huge intimidating rottweiler. A great combination for guarding the house but certainly were bad news for cats in the neighborhood.

Last February, Brad suddenly went to Dog Heaven. His walker found him lifeless beside our house with some telltale signs of poisoning. We didn't bother to investigate who did this terrible cruelty - besides, we weren't even sure if he was indeed poisoned. I was told he could have had a stroke too and died.

So we began our quest for a new dog. We were just not comfy having only one dog at home especially when our silly rottweiler is not so fond of barking. A friend tipped us that Dau is a haven for pure breed and mixed breed dogs so to Dau we went.

The Hubby wants to buy a pure breed Siberian Husky and nothing else, but after 2 hours of roaming and checking and yielding with no dogs we can take home, we were already tired and disappointed. We travelled 100 kilometers with the kids in tow only to come home empty handed, no way! I was bent on taking home a pup so we went back to the small stall near SM Clark where they have mixed breed dogs for sale. We spotted a cage with Siberian husky and collie breed puppies, selected a gray pup and paid for him (I haggled, hehe).

Naming was a fun task as it has always been in our household (our house is named Peachy, the Montero is called Lara, and we refer to the Altis as Tacquiqui). We got several suggestions from the yayas, Eone and our friends. For one I had to persuade Eone to let go of naming the pup as Rabbit. Although it's going to be hilariously unique, I feel sorry for the pup who'd probably grow with an identity crisis.

The Hubby wants to call him Papi, it sounds like puppy and pretty much how we write the word in Tagalog. I had to scratch it off as it reminds me so strongly of Willie Revillame during his Wowowee times and I abhor that creature with a passion!

After going through a lot of options, I thought of a kapangpangan word to name him, after all the pup was bought in Pampanga. Why not Keni (short for mekeni which means 'come' in the local dialect)?  A friend also suggested Santi, coined from the kapangpangan word masanting or handsome.

At first I liked Santi and told the people at home that's what we're calling the pup. It's close to santo or saint and I was hoping the name would influence the dog's behavior.  But that very same night the puppy started acting up;  refuses to eat unless I take the food in my palm to feed him. He also wailed and whined the whole night which got me worried about my neighbors. Our little bundle of fur suddenly became a ball I want to throw against the wall! By morning, I have decided to just call him Keni.

As a punishment for crying for 2 whole nights (and sometimes during the day), I took him to the vet for some shots yesterday (evil grin). Oh how I laughed when I heard him yelp and cry in pain with the 2 shots. (haha, I'm kidding, don't call animal rights activist, ok?). Aside from wanting some good advice, I want to make sure Keni has vaccines for common dog illnesses. I also had him dewormed. We will be back in 6 weeks for his anti-rabies shots and I bet he has already associated being at the clinic with pain, ergo, he will be scared to death with just the sight of the vet. (Haha, another evil laugh here).

Welcome home, Keni. Be a good boy, otherwise we'd lock you in the storeroom at the roof deck. There's a  vet coming at night with huge syringes. She'll give you 100 shots if you don't behave.


Unknown said...

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