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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MBA: Your Ticket to The Apprentice?

For the last couple of months, The Hubby has been bugging me to finish my graduate studies. I have skipped a few semesters already due to my frequent overseas travels in the last 3 years and the birth of my bundle of joy, Enoe.

I did inquire a few weeks ago if I can still re enroll and was given 2 thumbs-up after advising me that I'd need to take up penalty courses due to my absence. I was dismayed. Penalty courses mean additional semester(s) to complete!

Now I am torn between continuing what I have started or just forgetting about it altogether. However, the thought of putting into the garbage bin all the hard work I have put up to get this far seem downright ridiculous, if not at all stupid.

During my application, the process began with the submission of curriculum vitae which was used by the Admission Committee to evaluate my credentials. I had to submit my transcript of records too. After that, I was scheduled of an exam which made me feel like I was applying for a college admission.

Passing the exams didn't end the MBA admission process. I had to pass the individual interview session and panel interview before finally getting the enrolment clearance. Whew!

Obtaining an MBA is serious work and it starts with your MBA admission requirements. Although the legwork involved in the application is only the tip of the iceberg, starting right is the key to gaining your momentum.

Likewise, going to a good business school is an investment, more than anything, and I am not only referring to money. It's a choice that needs to be wisely made as the amount of work depends on the school’s approach – some give tons of reading materials while some require a lot of writing. Feel free to ask colleagues or friends for suggestions and feedback. Anyway, regardless of which university you choose, an MBA quest will take a chunk of your time reading and researching rather than toppling down pig pens of Angry Birds.

For aspirants who are really serious into getting an MBA like their life or job depends on it, the best way is to obtain professional advice through various media (or sources) like books and admission consultants. A proper MBA admission guide would ensure your path to that sought-after MBA program.

Now, getting accepted is only the beginning. The rest of the story depends on how much time you are willing to devote into the program, the lifestyle changes you’d gladly undergo without cursing your professor for that feasibility study due after Christmas, and the financial responsibility tied up with upgrading your educational attainment.

If you think an MBA will increase your chances of getting an interview with Donald Trump or that elusive promotion, then go ahead and pursue. All the sacrifices may be worth it.


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