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Friday, May 06, 2011

A Mother's Day Pledge

Dear Eone and Enoe,

Happy Mother's Day.

I know it's weird that Mommy is sending you this greeting. But this day is really for you, my dearest loves, for without you both, this is just going to be another Sunday for me.

To celebrate this special day, I am going to make a pledge to you. I promise to

-  shower you with kisses every day ‘til the day comes when you would whisper, "Mommy, not here" because your friends are looking;

- embrace you every night when you sleep ‘til the day comes when you want your own room, and a note will be posted on your door, “No Trespassing";

- take you to the mall, parks, movies, beaches and vacations as much as I can ‘til the day comes when you would rather be with your friends than me;

- laugh at your silly antics, admire your doodles on the wall, and make a postcard out of your sketches smeared with peanut butter ‘til the day you switch to iPad and keep the password a secret;

- love you and take care of you forever, ‘til the day I die.

Thank you for coming into Mommy's life. My life is next to mediocre before you came along. I never knew I could ever be this happy until I became a mother - Your mother.

Love always,


armie said...

Well said my friend! Motherhood becomes you, truly.

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