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Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Bag of Beans Tagaytay Experience

Bag of Beans, an apt name for a coffee shop although it's amazingly more than just about coffee, is without questions one of the most popular in Tagaytay in the dining category.  What looked like a small take out counter along Aguinaldo Highway is a huge dining getaway. It reminds me so much of Sonya's Garden with it's comfy, country setting and al fresco dining setup.

We came a little before six in the evening, perfect time for dinner but not too ideal to feast our eyes and appreciate the restaurant setup. For cam whores, the best time to come is at day time when there is sufficient natural lights.

Coming in late didn't give us a chance to try their buffet brunch too, which starts at 11am and ends at 3pm. At Php400 per head, I think it's a good deal although I didn't see the spread at all. (Fact: our simple orders from ala carte cost me more than 4 buffets).

I ordered coffee first, after all this is a coffee shop. I heard they serve and sell Coffee Alamid but I dared not order it as I am aware of how it's made. Dubbed as the Rarest Brew, only the brave and adventurous have tried this civet coffee made from Philippine civet's droppings. Yep, poopoo ng musang. These nocturnal animals eat the coffee cherries and their droppings (still looking like coffee beans but with the digestive enzymes of the civet of course) are collected by coffee farmers in the morning. Recycling at it's finest! Haha.

(Thought Bubble: What if the civet is constipated and didn't do its 'thing' in the morning? Ipapaluwa ng farmer ang coffee bean? Sayang naman diba?)

I opted to be safe and ordered what Batangas is popular for - kapeng barako. As usual, my coffee needs to be iced otherwise it must be for another table. Kapeng Barako's taste did not disappoint me as usual - bitter and aromatic, but just like any coffee it didn't have the insomnia-inducing effect on me. In fact, it was the total opposite.

Iced Kapeng Barako Php90

Eone ordered chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. That's all she wants and I said to myself it better be good. The chocolate chips were too inviting for my precious girl, we almost had her tied so I can take photos before she starts picking them up.

Being a pancake fan, she knows the drill already: spread the butter, pour syrup and slice bite-size pieces to eat. I like it when she orders pancakes because we don't have to assist her with eating and we can also enjoy our meal more.

There's nothing extra special about the pancakes, in fact those at Pancake House are way better, even without the orange slices to decor the plate.

Chocolate Chips Pancakes Php185

My aunt and the yaya ordered the longganisa set, a typical Filipino breakfast fare. I didn't try these but judging from the leftovers from their plates, I don't think they liked it.

Longganisa Set Php185

The only one with the huge appetite that evening was The Hubby who ordered the Breakfast Sampler from the 'All Day Breakfast' menu. The sampler comprise of 2 eggs, bacon strips, ham, 2 pieces hash brown, 2 pork sausages and 2 pieces butter pancake. It's almost gluttony!

Breakfast Sampler Php360

I was the only one who had pasta. I'm a not a pasta person except when it's lasagna. I don't know if I am just tired from our kite flying activity or my taste buds aren't working that night because I didn't even get past half of my food. There is something lacking in the taste and the cream overpowers the entire dish. I am not saying it doesn't taste good, in fact it's does and they didn't scrimp on the ingredients. But something just doesn't blend well, and sorry, I couldn't tell.

Lasagna Php195

Next time I am going to Bag of Beans I'll make sure to catch the buffet breakfast or brunch. I want to appreciate the restaurant again in a different setting. Maybe then my experience with their food will be better.

Check out Bag of Beans' menu here.


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