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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Size is Not Your Business

In many countries the usual greeting when they see someone they know is 'How are you?'. It is more of a polite way of saying a simple Hi. It sure triggers a short conversation but of course, they don’t expect you to start narrating how sad you are over a guy who ditched you for another man.

Here in the Philippines, we either say, 'Ang taba mo!' (You're fat!) or 'Tumaba ka' (you've gained weight) or 'Bakit ang payat mo?' (You've lost weight?). I wonder what is it with Pinoys that makes it difficult to keep our thoughts to ourselves. We make unsolicited comments about someone's size and perhaps we think it's thoughtful and funny. But frankly, this habit of picking on someone's body frame and weight has become downright irritating and rude.

After I gave birth to my son last year, the comments on how I've somehow ballooned into a size 10 (err, 12?) keep coming close in between. But hey, my size is my business, not yours. I have a mirror at home and I know how much I've gained. But guess what? I don't care and so must you. I don't go telling people they have zits as big as grapes when I meet them, so please do the same for me.

I also do not recall asking anyone's opinion on how I register on the weighing scale. And if indeed I am round at the wrong places, is that your problem? My huge butt doesn't occupy a seat in the bus or in the MRT (because I drive) neither do I ask people for cash to pay for that extra butter on my pancake.

Okay, granting that itchy tongue must really be scratched, do you really have to blurt it out in the elevator with 14 other people? If I tell you I could lose consciousness with your kili-kili power (body ordor) for the rest of the crowd to hear, would you be able to smile back to me sheepishly? I don't think so.

Tell you the truth, I look at my old photos when my waistline was still 26 inches - wearing body hugging shirts, swimsuits and skinny jeans, and I don't feel bad at all. There's no Oscar award worthy scene where I'd cry buckets because I don't have the same '8' figure anymore. True, I may be not totally healthy weighing more than what I should be, but I still have a figure even though it's now a 0 (zero). I am happy with that for now so let me be. Please.

Unless you are my husband, my children, my mother, my parents in law, my sisters, BFF (you know who you are) and close relatives – keep the thought to yourself because next time someone tells me I am fat, I will tell that person, 'Uy ang pangit mo!' (You look ugly).

Pikon na kung pikon, pero kanya kanyang trip ‘to. Mind your own business, scratch your own galis.


maldita said...

Common sense aint so common after all. I totally agree and understand your point sis! And there is no reason for us to feel bad that we are not the same barbie doll. Having our beautiful kids and loving husband makes it all worth the gain. We know better than them. And they should know better to keep their mouths shut when they dont have anything GOOD to say.

BratinelangKikay said...

korek! hurray to the voluptuous women like us. haha

MeYaMoJaReS said...

i had been said that many times... well mostly by my family... i didn't mind before when i was 40lbs heavier! i even thought of myself as one hot mama! kulang lang ng "big"... one thing for sure i had then more than now... lakas ng loob...
Hurray to us voluptuous women! its not how our men love us superficially... but also for our wit, brain, caring ways... and most especially on how we make them really happy in for keeps! ahahha!

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