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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


As I lay in bed last night, I briefly thought what I would blog about today. I couldn't think of anything except finish the Tagaytay series I have lined up for writing 'til next week.

I slept thinking, 'What the heck. If there's any juicy topic, then I'd blog about it'. Then this morning we were greeted by the news that we have a snake in the dining area. WTF. Snake. And we don't live in a jungle!

There are still a few vacant lots around the village, and one of those unoccupied plots are the one at our house's left side and at the back. Being empty, the grass can grow tall if left uncut by the village maintenance crew. We all know how snakes and other crawling animals like grass, bush and cold soil.

We don't know how it got into our house - past the garage, the front door, the living room before it arrived unwelcome under our dining table. We're not interested as to what kind of a snake it was, if it's poisonous or otherwise. A snake is a snake, period.

I shun the thought of what could have happened if the children went down early especially my little boy who likes to explore every nook and corner of our first floor.

Thank God our brave yaya was able to 'handle' it armed with only a broom and plenty of guts. I need to give her a bonus for that.

I hope this is the last time we'll find a snake in the house. I am used to people who act like snakes, and pythons for photo ops at the zoo... but a real one is definitely not welcome in our home.



Sheilane said...

naku ate wheng, lagi akong may nightmares about snakes simula nung naka kita ako ng snake sa bahay namin (no vacant lots, no talahib)...please explain...ay teka engr ka nga din pala :D

BratinelangKikay said...

Len, nakaka nightmare tlaga!

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