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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teenage Girl Kills Self: A Lesson on Motherhood

When I saw this news today, I immediately remembered our ex-yaya who made up a shocking story that her 11-year old daughter was raped by her father. Her acting was superb, she'd put LT, Mega and Ate Vi all combined, to shame.

Anyway, I found out she just made everything up so she could go home in Zambo for free (my expense, damn it!). Yes, it's worth another blog entry so I'd leave the story up to here for now.

This is sad. A 14-year old girl, pregnant by her own father (if her claims were true), hanged herself after telling 2 family members she had ben raped. She must be very miserable and heartbroken that she told her mother about it and her plea fell on deaf ears. 

This should serve as a lesson to everyone. No, not to evil horny fathers who must be skinned alive and dipped in vinegar. They don't have any conscience, they're not worth our time. This is for the mothers who love their husbands more than their own children; who believe that love is blind and deaf and numb - that they'd rather lose a child than lose an effing husband who can't keep his dick inside his pants. A mother like this should rot in jail too (or in hell).

I am not an expert but as a mom, my unsolicited advise it to always believe your child. You can verify the accuracy of their story later, but on the onset, comfort and assure them that you will investigate and take action. And DO it.

When my daughter tells me something, like her yaya pinched her or snapped at her, my default reaction is to believe. There is nothing more disappointing to a child than to feel helpless and betrayed by her own parents. Of course I make my own investigations and ask the maid, but initially, I will always put more weight on my child's words. (And all her sumbongs were proven true).

As parents, our children look up to us and mirror everything we do. We are their heroes, their REAL heroes, even if they go gaga over Powerpuff Girls or wear their Spiderman costume to Halloween parties. We are their first line of defense, their comforter, their police...

Let us be worthy of their trust.


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