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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Tutti Frutti Woot Woot!

Who else is unaware that the recent food fad in the country is frozen yogurt? Two years ago yogurt is only sold at supermarkets in tiny cups. Common patrons are health aficionados and chubby-litas attempting to reduce their waistline.

Then one day, someone came up with a brilliant idea of making yogurt into ice cream and viola, frozen yogurt was born! One outlet opened and soon there were at least 3 of them in a single mall.

Yogurt is not my cup of tea (oo naman, haha, pun unintended). It's something I associate closely to dieting and lactose intolerance. But because I am a sucker for what's IN and what's popular, I started trying out the various brands in the market.

The latest addition to the yogurt craze is Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. They offer a unique twist to yogurt loving by allowing you to create your own cup.

Select from 3 sizes. I call it big, bigger, biggest as even the smallest one can fill 10 ounces of yogurt and toppings.

Tutti Frutti yogurt comes in various flavors - Original Tart, Taro-bly Delicious, Tutti Fruiti, Banana, Strawberry, Orange Cream, Kiwi and Vanilla.

Select from a variety of toppings. From gummy bears, jellies, chocolate chips, and nuts...

To fresh fruits...

Pump in your favorite syrup(s) and additional flavors...

And sprinkle with various cereals and candies...

This is what I made for myself after being torn between putting fresh fruits or chocolate chips. Obviously, I chose the healthier option (there's always a next time *wink).

My entire cup is 6.6 oz and cost me Php132 pesos @Php20 per ounce. That's quite affordable for the health benefits I am told to reap.

My only complain about Tutti Frutti is the slighty rough texture of their yogurt compared to other brands like Red Mango or White Hat which has a very smooth and fine texture.


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