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Monday, June 06, 2011

Duchess of Cambridge

Just when I thought we already have enough dogs to manage, along came a 3-month old female chihuahua straight to my lap.

I've been wanting to get a toy dog in the house, a pet small enough for the kids to manage and play with. Although with us for a couple of years already, we don't trust the huge breeds mingling with my kids. A playful nibble can turn bloody with a 80lb rottweiler. (My thought bubble a.k.a konsensya is telling me: same with how a naughty kick of my 5-year old can break the ribs of a chihuahua.)

Now comes the most awaited question. What do I call her? Hmmm.

No disrespect for Kate Middleton, but the whole brouhaha over the royal wedding must yield something memorable to me. I didn't watch those royalties wearing their house decors on their heads (oh, they're called hats?) for nothing.

And since I wasn't able to snag any royal wedding souvenir, then let me name my newest baby, Duchess of Cambridge.

What? Someone objects? You actually want me to name my chihuahua Princess Beatrice a.k.a Tangled Fallopian Tube Hat Girl?

No way. No freakin' way.


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