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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Remembering Daddy on His 2nd Angel Birthday

Dear Daddy,

It's been 730 days since you left. How are you? Or shall I instead ask, 'How are we?'.

I could say we are okay. We laugh, work, pray, celebrate occasions, fight (sometimes), kiss and make up - but we're never the same.

Life goes on, albeit hard, but go on it must. I think of you all the time, especially when I see my children and my nephews. I often wonder how spoiled they must be with you around, and how happy you will be with having little boys in the house, finally!

Anyway. here's a list of what happened the past year (from June 2010) while you are wandering in heaven...

1. My Enoe was christened in July, and the merry occasion was shared by Eone's 4th birthday celebration.

2. Little Sister got married in August. Jing took your place and walked her down the aisle. She looked pretty, ahem, that day (only. compliment expired the following day).

3. Mommy went to a week-long holiday in Palawan with her amigas then to Hong Kong with Mommy Alice. Explore galore!

4. Jeje turned two years old in December. They celebrated by sharing their blessings to select less fortunate kids.

5. We welcomed Baby Euan, Gie and Eugene's firstborn, to the world on February 17.

6. February 22nd marked Enoe's 1st birthday. We thanked God for his wonderful year by a party at Palladium. We ordered your favorite lechon.

7. Darling Sister and Jam moved to their own home in Cavite in April.

No matter what occasion we celebrate or commemorate, do know that you are not forgotten. We miss you a lot.

More than the photos we keep in our albums, your memories dwell in our hearts.

I love you, Daddy.


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