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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Canyon Woods, Tagaytay

If you're planning a weekend in Tagaytay and want a homey accommodation instead of the usual hotel experience, then Canyon Woods is the place to go.

Canyon Woods is the pioneer of the residential hotel-resort concept in Tagaytay. Its amenities are exclusive for property owners and club members, but if you to know someone who can extend his privileges to you, then you're one lucky dude!

Having said that the facilities are exclusive, I also meant to imply that they are impressive and in great condition. They better be since a club share is worth almost half a million pesos.

We were booked in 2 Casitas; each room is good for 2 to 4 people and is quite spacious (the accommodation privilege is actually a gift of my pretty aunt). Although obviously had not had any refurbishment in the recent years, rooms are in good condition and the furniture and fixtures are well appointed.

Breakfast is not included in the room but no need to worry as they serve breakfast buffet style at The Clubhouse for Php350 per head (that's the guest rate, for members it's only Php250 each). The food is so-so, the usual Pinoy fare of tocino, longganisa, tapa, eggs plus a few more. Not bad but could be improved.

When you're in Canyon Woods, there is hardly any reason to go out anymore. The resort offers plenty of outdoor activities for families or group of friends to enjoy. For the Kris Aquino type of people who hates the sun, a spa and gym await you at The Clubhouse. Just be patient when booking for a massage on the weekend as waiting time can be from 2 to 3 hours.

Both Little Sister and Eone want to try boating so despite my hesitation, I allowed Eone to go with them (after getting the assurance that Eugene, a Marine, definitely knows how to swim). We paid Php150 for an hour's use of the pedal boat and insisted for Eone to wear a life jacket.

While waiting for them, I learned from the staff that the 'lake' is only about 4 ft deep. Actually, what worries me is not the depth of the water, it's the algae and moss that have accumulated that surely could harm anyone, even an adult, if ingested. Anyway, they were tired after pedalling for an hour and I was relieved they didn't want a time extension.

The whole residential resort instantly gave me an ambiance of Baguio, and in the morning I actually felt like I was in Australia. Pines trees, paved roads, log-type cabins, country style houses and the cool Tagaytay weather all contributed to the luxurious ambiance of the resort. I love the feeling of being there.

For club shares and property inquiries, visit their website.


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