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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Date Night at Seoul Korean Barbecue

The Hubby and I like to go on dates, normally to dinner as we are both foodies who like to search and sample the best dining venues in Manila. This has been our practice since we started earning our own money and back when we were still dating.

Although some people find it impractical and unnecessary to spend on expensive dinners, it's a small luxury we both enjoy. We see it as a form of reward for a stressful week at work and providing for the kids' needs.

Sometimes we make a joke out of it when we hear unsolicited comments about our dining escapades, 'kesa naman mag drugs kami no?' (should we just take drugs instead?)

Anyway, we had a chance to dine, just the two of us again (yey!), a couple of weeks ago at Seoul Korean Barbecue restaurant which I've been itching to try for sometime now.

As in any Korean barbecue restaurants, a set of free appetizers is a staple. I am just not sure if they are refillable just like in Ye Dang as we didn't even finish the initial serving.

From their set of appetizers, I like the beansprouts best - they're huge, fresh and obviously imported.

The Hubby who likes to have soup in every meal ordered Kimchi Soup. I am a kimchi fan but this one was a spicy soup that really kicks and I couldn't bear it.

What I love is their Kalbi Jiim. The melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of the beef is worth every penny we paid for this dish. There is a generous serving of meat, a good portion of tendon and the sauce is not too thick compared to other kalbi jiims.

This is also the only non spicy dish that we ordered and everyone knows I am not a fan of spicy food, so naturally, I enjoyed this more than the rest of our dishes.

For our third dish we thought we've had enough meat for the week so we'd try seafood. The order taker suggested Spicy Squid.

I realized it was a big mistake ordering that as soon as the plate hit our table. Why aren't we so smart tonight in pairing our dishes? As anyone can tell by the same outrageous red color of this squid and our Kimchi Soup, they taste the same minus the squid.

The serving size is normally good for two and prices are relatively fair (from Php250 up) although some dishes are more expensive compared to Ye Dang. I also noticed that diners here do not 'grill on the spot' and if one orders a grilled item then it's cooked in the kitchen. They don't even have an exhaust tube per table like the ones at Ye Dang.

If you're a foodie who likes to 'cook on the spot', you might get disappointed here.


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