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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finding Manila's Best Crepe: Crepes and Cream

My next favorite choice (after dark chocolates) when my sweet tooth is doing cartwheels is crepe. I can have crepe everyday if that's the only food available and I won't complain.

Crepe, pronounced krep (I just NEED to mention because I've heard many people order creep in many restos, haha), is a very thin pancake made of flour, milk, eggs and butter. It is usually served with a variety of fillings from fruits for dessert, to cheese and meat for a savory snack or meal.

The best crepes I've had so far were from hotel restaurants, thanks to my frequent business travels in the past 5 years. In Manila, the crepes made on-the-spot at the crepe station of Sofitel Hotel's Spiral buffet is by far the best I've tried (I wonder how much it would cost to order them from their ala carte menu). The others I've ordered in various restaurants were all forgettable - either too thick it's almost like pancake or they put too much filling and whipped cream that I almost drown in calories.

I'm now on a hunt for the best crepe in Manila which may be a difficult one as it is not a common fare in most restaurants. I guess it's logical to start with specialty shops that sell nothing but crepes.

I went to the most accessible, Crepes and Cream at SM Megamall and watched as they cooked and assembled my crepes.

There's a wide array of flavors and combinations to try from their menu. Customers can choose from their Savory selection (Pork Floss Cheesy Omelet is highly recommended) and Sweet Crepe (because isn't crepe a dessert after all?).

Adventurous souls can also 'personalize' their order through their Create Your Own Crepe menu. Anything goes!

My slight disappointment with Crepes and Cream is their presentation. There are tables and seats for dine-in customers so I wonder why they serve their crepes on a paper cone and not on a plate with proper utensils? Perhaps it's the concept of eating crepe like ice cream but I found it quite hard to enjoy my crepe with a spoon and biting the crepe like a burger or sandwich.

Anyway, my next orders were all for take out so I can enjoy my food more.

the left one is my Create Your Own crepe ( banana, hazelnut spread and
whipped cream topped with strawberry syrup), the right is BLT savory crepe

Taste-wise, the crepes did not disappoint. I particularly love the taste of the crepes, even without the filling. Price range is between Php99 to Php149 which is quite fair considering the portion/serving.


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