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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Going Gaga Over Eyewear

I was at a coffee shop the other day while waiting for The Hubby and had a grand time browsing through fashion magazines. I’d usually take note of new make ups, shoes and bags but what had me glued to the pages were photos of models and celebrities wearing fashion eyeglasses.

Do you know who is the celebrity that wears shades most of the time? It's no other than Lady Gaga.

If there is one accessory that I wish I could use more and with confidence, it's a stylish sunglass. I like how a simple outfit can be turned into something fabulous and dramatic by just wearing shades or spectacles.

Not too dramatic like this please...

I remember when I was just starting to earn for myself, one of my first purchases was a pair of Ray-Ban. The Hubby (we were still dating then) also got himself a pair similar to mine. It's like our 'friendship band' and we wore it whenever we had the chance.

Then one unfortunate day, as The Hubby and I were walking along Recto Ave., some scumbag passed by and swiftly snatched my Ray-Ban. From then on, I stopped buying designer sunglasses and settled for inexpensive ones. However, the inexpensive ones make me dizzy instead of doing its job as a protective eyewear. Anyway, the only time I am seen wearing shades now is when I go to the beach as the sun’s rays can be quite unforgiving to my eyes.

The Hubby, on the other hand, continued his love affair with sunglasses, wearing his pair of shades daily on his way to work while driving. I know he's been eyeing a new one, something he can use during his mountain biking escapades with his buddies, but has not found the chance (maybe the budget) to snag it.

Eye-wear or glasses have evolved from protection and vision aid to a fashion accessory. When I was a child, wearing glasses denotes ageing and the only people I see wearing them were grandparents. Fast forward to today, teenagers wear glasses sans the graded lenses just to look hip.

The trend these days are the huge framed glasses, those that cover almost half of your face, with super dark tints that hide the eyes. I also like aviator sunglasses. It reminds me of handsome pilots and all the glamour that comes with traveling. It's so Hollywoody and I wonder even if I got a confidence of a rock star that I could pull it off.

I doubt, but there’s only one way to find out and that is to buy a pair and wear it. We’re going to the beach for my birthday and what perfect timing, I need new shades! Having said that, it means I must go shopping for stylish sunglasses soon. (My inner fashionista says soon means Now!)


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