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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shopping Bonding

I can't remember anymore how early we started tagging Eone along our trips to the grocery. I recall the first time she sat on the cart was at duty free when The Hubby went home from his 3-month business trip to Tokyo.

For Enoe however, we've started taking him to malls, shops and groceries much later due to his allergies. I am happy he's getting lesser bouts of the itchy-itch the past months, thanks to a much carefully watched food intake and bathing regimen.

Speaking of allergies, due to my recent discovery of his reactions to peanuts, I've banned all peanut products in the house. It's better to totally shut out whatever can cause allergies to the boy as accidents (Eone sharing food to her brother) can always happen.

Anyway, back to the grocery.

As I was saying, we took Enoe with us to Shopwise. I like doing my groceries there, even if I have to drive a few kilometers instead of just getting our supplies from SM Taytay. I find the products fresher, the weighing more accurate and the variety/brands wider than SM.

Look at our 'full' cart with 2 kids in tow. There's not a room even for a tray of fresh eggs!

Enoe, although new to this whole hullabaloo, enjoyed himself by feasting on anything he can grab. He must be thinking how fun it was having an entire warehouse of goodies at his disposal (especially when I wasn't looking)

Obviously, I had to grab my own cart for the 'real' groceries although from time to time I'd check the kids' cart to see if they've picked something from the shelf that I already have, like juices or snacks. Anything that contains peanuts or unnecessary (like another box of crayons or a huge lollipop that looked like it's from last Christmas) gets removed secretly. I had to do this before we get to the cashier as Eone can be very persistent and I know I'd end up paying for them.

It's like a family outing we were having at Shopwise - The Hubby, myself, the kids and the 2 nannies all shopping together. Someone out there must be thinking this is a cheap form of bonding with the kids than taking them to the zoo but they are wrong because by the time we got to the cashier, they've finished 2 packs of jelly, a couple of juices, biscuits, wafers and whatnot. It was almost embarrassing paying for empty plastics while the kids smile sheepishly, effectively showing off their chocolatey-teeth.

On the other hand, this whole exercise is indeed a good way to spend time with the children. I mean, it's like shooting two birds with one stone. We get to accomplish a chore and at the same time be with Eone and Enoe. They also can choose what sort of food they like, especially for my princess as she brings snacks to school.

The only downside I can think of is it takes longer for me to finish my shopping list (and it's impossible to stick to the shopping list too, when the kids are shopping with me!) because even if the nannies are there, the kids ask for all sorts of things to buy and a lot of negotiations take place while we push the cart.

Anyway, the positive outweighs the negative big time. My children will always win when we're setting priorities. So off we'll go to the next shopping spree? Definitely!


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