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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boracay Hurray! : Eat and Be Merry

One will never go hungry in Boracay, especially at White Beach where there are hundreds of restaurants, cafes, food stalls and food carts all within reach.

For those who traveled to Boracay and yet doesn't want to get out of their food comfort zone, dine at familiar restaurants at D'Mall such as Pancake House, Mang Inasal, Cyma, Gerry's Grill. Otherwise, try eating at one of the several restaurants along the beach path (parallel of white beach) offering buffet dinners from Php250 per head up to as much as Php400. Those that charge higher are the ones that serve grilled oysters, prawns and crabs.

We had dinner buffet on our first night (can't remember the restaurant's name). Price per person is at Php350 inclusive of 1 bottle of Pepsi. My mom and The Nanny who doesn't want to do eat-all-you-can were charged only Php150 each for one trip to the buffet station (see what negotiating powers can do, hehe) while the kids ate for free.

The dishes are not superb - some tastes okay, some are good and some are close to mediocre. But the seafood, oh the seafood, makes up for everything.

If you're not into buffet but craves for the 'catch of the day', you can order ala carte and choose from the fresh seafoods on display. Lobsters, grouper, mud crabs, giant squid, and prawns are being sold by grams (minimum of 100g).  They are pricey, like ordering from Claw Daddy (even more expensive, ex. Php150/100g for mud crab).

Travellers on a budget can also enjoy a decent lunch at Andok's (D'Mall at Station 2, and another in Station 3) and food stalls like shawarma, sandwiches, dim sums, hotdogs, fruit shakes among many other chows.

As for our experience, we needed to plan our meals and dining venue due to my kids being picky with food. Finding child-friendly restaurants has always been a challenge we face whenever we go out with our children because as much as we like to indulge in gastronomic adventures, we have to consider the kids first and foremost.

So forget about budget meals and exploring Boracay's culinary feast. We had lunch at Pancake House on our second day and on our last day we went to the lone authentic Japanese restaurant - Hama.

Unagi Sushi Php370 5pieces

Sus, yung Hama. Hama-hal ng food nila ha! My little girl insisted on ordering Prawn Tempura, the ONLY food she wants to eat from the menu. The moment I saw the price on the menu, I wanted to run to the wet market just a few meters away and buy fresh prawns. My golly, Php670 for 5 pieces! That's already about 2 kilos of fresh prawns.

Php670 for 5pieces of tempura

php370 for this Tempura Soba

The consolation for me was she and her baby brother ate a lot. The food is also good and for that price tag, they better be.

Useful tips on dining and enjoying good food in Boracay:

1. Eating at the beach/shore is prohibited so if you buy take out food, you have to find a place to sit and eat them (might as well bring the food in your room).

2. If you're staying in an accommodation with kitchen, try cooking at least one meal a day instead of dining out. Head to D' Talipapa (wet market) which is just a few minutes walk from Station 2 and buy seafoods, meat and other fresh ingredients. Remember to haggle :D

3. Don't want the hassle of dealing with knifes and pans? Avail of the paluto services at restaurants (Dampa style) around D'Talipapa.

4. Some food stalls and joints are open 24 hours. Walk along the beach path and I bet you'll find something interesting to munch on every 5 minutes.

Happy Eating!


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