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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Boracay Hurray! : Night Life

The activities in Boracay doesn't end after the sun calls it a day. The island is beaming with life even at night with bars, KTVs, live bands, discos and fire dancers providing the festive atmosphere.

Begin a fantastic evening by watching the romantic sunset. The reflection of the sun's golden rays against the placid sea as it bids adieu to the day  is an image to behold, like a photo from a post card.

I love how the paraws sailing like paper boats add life to the picturesque view.

For booze worshipers, Happy Hour in Boracay is always extended until as late as 10pm. Those staying near or along the beach path may find it hard to settle in their beds due to the merry-making at almost every corner of the the long road from Station 1 to 3.

Fire poi dancers take center stage in a lot of hubs; we walked from Station 2 to Station 3 and back and along the way encountered at least 8 bars with fire dancers as their main attraction. Note: all fire dancers we saw that night were men (real men and x-men, if you know what I mean).

Some find it romantic to walk by the beach but there were not enough lights so although it's relatively safe, it may not be the best idea. Same goes for swimming.

The Hubby and I walked by the shore, briefly playing with the soft waves as we trudge towards the other end of the island, but festivities parallel to where we are were too inviting to ignore. Besides, The Hubby was on a food trip so he wanted to stay close to the lane of food carts and stalls. Both of us are also not into alcohol (The Hubby is what most refer to as a social drinker) so the walk, shawarma, gelato and venti latte were good enough to cap the night.

Oh, before I forget, since I mentioned latte.. there is a Starbucks in Boracay, a small 2-storey cafe filled with people of all ages and colors. I find it quite amusing that there are a lot of Manila peeps having their photos taken by or near the Starbucks logo like how people pose with Mickey Mouse in Disneyland. Why? What's so different with the logo in Boracay?

Useful tips before you hit the bars in Boracay:

1. Most hip bars are in Station 2 while less expensive ones are near or in Station 3.

2. Bring a small flashlight if you want to walk by the beach.

3. Wear comfortable footwear if you intend to cover Station 1 to 3. A shawl may be useful since it can get breezy and cool at night.

4. There is no dresscode in most bars but please don't come in you pajamas.

5. For late night dining, some restaurants close at 11pm. Starbucks closes at 12am. Bars and disco houses call it a day usually at 3am.


Unknown said...

Nightlife in Boracay is one of the best experience you will ever had. If you are a party goer, then this will absolutely make your vacation in Boracay memorable and exciting. :)

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