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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boracay Hurray! : The White Beach

I was almost speechless when I first saw the white beach. I have been to other world class and popular beaches like Patong and Karon beaches in Phuket, Bondi and Manly in Sydney, Siloso Beach of Singapore, and Penang Malaysia to name a few and without bias I'd say Boracay stands out big time.

It's hard to describe the beauty of Boracay and it's amazing how clean, organized and well-managed the local government have kept the island. It must be a gargantuan task keeping the order especially with thousands of tourist coming in and out every year.

It was quite a gamble going on an August being one of the rainy months in the Philippines, but we were lucky it was warm and sunny during our entire trip. What's great was this month is also the low season and almost everything is at a discounted rate.

My kids went swimming as soon as their feet touched the powdery white sand. I was surprised that no matter the blaze of the sun, the sand doesn't burn your feet and we walked to and from the shore barefoot. Shells and beach stones of various shapes lie scattered along the beach which add a beautiful contrast to the glisten of the sand.

The water is divine - clean and clear that you still can see the sea floor even if you're already wading 4 feet deep. We were amused and impressed that small fishes swim close to the shore as if playing with the waves too. My little girl and The Hubby even managed to feed the fishes with crackers (unsalted, haha).

There are a lot of activities to do aside from swimming and getting a perfect tan. Several 'agents' approached us offering island hopping tours, paraw sailing, helmet diving, parasailing, banana boat ride among others. Prices are skyrocketing but if you know how to haggle, you'll have a great time without paying an arm and a leg.

Example, we went on an island hopping tour for 4 hours. I was able to bring the price to only Php1600 from the initial price pegged at Php2500.

Useful tips to enjoy the white beach:

1. Try to get or secure a spot at Station 2. It's very close to D'Mall where restaurants and shops are lined up.

2. Don't hesitate to use the loungers and umbrellas along the beach. Most are free for use if you order from the bar or restaurant that put them out. Order water or softdrinks and you're good to stay there 'til dusk.

3. Don't be embarrassed to negotiate for water activities that are being offered by 'agents' or peddlers by the beach. Try to cut the price in half and work your way up. However, once you start negotiating you should really be serious in buying.

4. If you have small children who loves to build sandcastles and sand sculptures, bring their play set from Manila or try to buy from shops outside D'Mall. It's extremely overpriced at shops at D'Mall - Php350 for a set is way to much especially when I was able to grab a set at a nearby palengke for only Php60 for the same set.

Have fun! We did :)


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